How to be the BEst YOU in 2018

It's about a week into 2018 and I bet you've failed at your New Years resolutions. Am I right? Come on, don't lie - I know I'm right. Well, don't worry - you're not alone - I have too! But one resolution I'm determined to keep is to remember that the first week of the year does not determine how the rest of 2018 goes.

So, you've only worked out once (or maybe not at all) - that's okay. You haven't made any home cooked meals and you've spent all your holiday money on take out - that's okay too! Take the pressure off yourself and relax. The stigma around New Year resolutions sets you up to fail from the start. There's so much pressure but in reality, you're the only one putting the pressure on yourself. 

I've dubbed 2018, the year I start listening. Whether it's listening to my body, my mind or family and friends. I need to start taking my own advice. So, I started off my 2018 by making a few guidelines to help make this year the best year yet.

1. One bad decision does not determine the rest of your day.

So you wanted to eat healthy but you had a cold slice of pizza for breakfast? Doesn't mean you can't drink lots of water and have a healthy lunch! We're human and mistakes happen so don't let them get the best of you. Acknowledge you slipped up and let it roll off your shoulders. Take the rest of the day by the horns and kill it with some kale.  

2. Talk to someone.

Sometimes you can have all these ideas in your head about all these big changes you're going to make but you don't tell anyone (I'm very guilty of this). Put these ideas out in the world and pick a person (or people) that will help you and support you. [Good humans only.] So if (and let's be honest, when) you don't live up to these ideas, you'll probably feel defeated. When you get this defeated feeling, you can take to someone and they can help you push through instead of giving up.

3. Every day is a new day to "restart".

Like I said before, we're only human. We're going to mess up, we're not going to be perfect. Take it day by day. If you have a bad day - it's okay. Every time you wake up, there's always a fresh slate.

Now with these thoughts in your head, go take on 2018 like the boss lady you are!

Ashley Hengerer