6 Small Good Deeds That Almost Anybody Can Do

We all see stories in the news and viral posts on Facebook revolving around gargantuan acts of kindness committed every day. While we can’t all be philanthropists, there are a few little things that can be done in our day-to-day lives to put a little extra kindness and positivity into the world. 

  1. The pay-it-forward.
    Everybody’s heard about the little deeds where the person in the front of the line pays for themselves as well as the person behind them. This is a good idea if you have a little bit of extra cash and want to make someone smile. (My only precaution would be to do this at Wawa or other places where you can see what the person behind you is buying. Drive-throughs can be risky because for all you know, that person could be buying fifty dollars’ worth of food).

  2. Picking up a piece of trash or recycling that’s on the ground.
    What’s better than helping the environment?
  3. Sharing someone’s GoFundMe on social media.
    This is a good one to do if you don’t have any extra money. Even if you can’t donate, raising awareness is always helpful to peoples’ causes because more people will see it, and more people can donate. 
  4. Going to your local animal shelter and playing with some of the animals there.
    Though this may seem like a fun time for the humans involved, spending time with animals really is a nice thing to do for them. Lots of times, animals at shelters don’t get frequent love and affection. Playing with them for a little bit is a great idea if you have a free day, but don’t generally have an open schedule on a regular basis to volunteer at a shelter. 
  5. Do a little extra for your neighbor in the ways of outdoor care. 
    Mowing your lawn? Shoveling snow off your driveway? Raking leaves? Do the same for your neighbor if you’ve got time. It’s sure to make their day!
  6. Donate blood!
    If you see a blood drive or if there’s a center nearby, take some time out of your day to donate! You could save a life.

We don’t all have to be heroes every single minute of the day, but putting forth some positive energy into the universe never hurt anybody! Don’t just see the good, be the good!

-Jamie Kahn

Ashley Hengerer