The Secret to Success

Growing up, I thought that the only way I would be successful in life was if I had a large group of friends with me at all times. Just like every teenager, I always thought, popularity equals success. You know? Like Taylor Swift and her squad. But over the years, I've come to learn that's far from the truth. If you can learn anything in your early/mid twenties it should be: 

Quality over quantity.

The people you surround yourself with reflect how you live your life and ultimately, they represent who you are as a person. They represent what kind of life choices you make. 

Pick people who forget about you, lose you in the mix? You probably don't think very highly of yourself. Pick people who don't support you? I'm thinking your not supporting yourself either.

Pick people who would do anything for you? You know your worth it (whatever "it" is). Pick people who support you and cheer you on? You know your a girl boss.

Take a look around, is everything in your life bringing you happiness and success? Or is their negativity that stops your from succeeding? If there is - get rid of it. People, places, things. Whatever it is - just dump it. Because your never not worth it. 

So with that, are you ready for the secret to success? 

Success is filling your life with people and things that are good for YOU. Realizing that anything negative in your life is not worth your time. Because life should be about seeing the good and closing the door on the bad. 

Ashley Hengerer