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It all started in 2012, back when the Charitee co-owners were college freshman. Let us set the scene...the brunette goes to a college party in a cute orange top and teal skirt, along with a headband. In struts the tall blonde in six-inch heels, a sequined top, and a body con skirt. They both thought, no friends would be made that night… Fast forward two months to a night in a dorm room where they meet the perky, ray of sunshine that is the red head. The most random friend group was made that night and from that moment on they were inseparable. 


In June 2016, one month after our college graduation. We sat in the brunette’s living room wondering how we could do some good for this world. Three full-time jobs later, we grabbed drinks to complain about the long week and suddenly genius struck.


Charitee is comprised of our three passions and is a result of a Graphic Designer, a Studio Artist, and a Nonprofit Professional walking into a bar. We took the things we love and turned them into a passion-project-business. Charitee has been a labor of love and has been the most amazing ride of our lives….and we are just getting started.


Buy a shirt, make a difference, and do some good for this world. It's that easy.